Ariel Moses

Senior Vice President


Brand Communications

Ariel Moses is a native New Yorker with extensive communications experience in lifestyle, culinary, travel, food and beverage, luxury, real estate and consumer products categories. Over the years she’s executed red carpet and launch events while working on world-renowned companies, creating 360-degree campaigns that lead to global notoriety and cultural relevancy for clients. She currently leads accounts (past and present) including Genesis House, Intersect by Lexus, Mastercard, TripAdvisor, Whipshots, Hasbro, Tribeca Festival, Edge at Hudson Yards, Lobos 1707, L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, The Summer Club, Beyond Meat, among others. Prior to R&CPMK, Ariel was a Vice President at LaForce where she launched and oversaw the Hospitality & Lifestyle division and prior to held the same position at DKC. She is a born and bred New Yorker, graduated from Columbia University, is the eldest of 5. She resides in Manhattan with her daughter, husband and son– coming October 2023.

Project I am Proud of

This is hard because we’ve done some really incredible things here at R&CPMK. However, one that stands out is our launch of Whipshots, the vodka-infused whipped cream, at Art Basel in December 2021. The communications team combined efforts with our partnerships + activations and influencer teams to create a stellar 400-person event hosted by Cardi B in Miami. It was our teams’ first time really traveling and doing a massive in-person party since the pandemic, and the results spoke for themselves. We came together and created something bigger than ourselves, and it felt like “old school” PR again– something we had missed so much over the prior two years. It was amazing to see the turn out and consequential results (over 1 billion impressions!0, and to me it was the ultimate case study in how R&CPMK works together and creates cultural momentum for clients.

Favorite Memory Here

During the pandemic when we were all separated and exploring this new frontier of “working from home,” I had never been more connected to a group of people than my teams at R&CPMK. We spoke constantly, and it was beyond just work– we supported each other personally during an extremely difficult time. While it was definitely stressful, knowing I had this extensive community built into my work helped enormously. We were able to problem solve, communicate and deliver results from our clients even without our traditional methods of in-person meetings, events, etc. It was amazing to see how we all came together and created this impenetrable network that still stands today.

Best Piece of Advice I've received

My manager made it clear to me early on that being a working mother is a tough job, but it helps you realize what’s important and forces you to prioritize. I started at R&CPMK as a new mom, and she was so supportive of a healthy work/life balance. Because of advice she and other parents here have continually given to me over the years, I’ve found a way to ensure that my work thrives and so does my family.

My Advice for Someone Just Starting Out

Read everything, listen to everyone and trust your gut. Information is power, and in communications it’s vital that you know what is going on beyond your world so you are able to consistently connect clients to culture and keep them relevant. Always be willing to learn from others; it’s our greatest opportunity. Lastly, you will intuitively know what the right move is, and you need to be confident in your decisions– trust yourself.