Dayana Roque

Human Resources Generalist


People & Culture

Dayana Roque is a first-generation Latina who is a driven individual who thrives on challenges. Dayana strongly believes in the potential of human capital as the most significant asset for any organization and takes pleasure in empowering leaders with her distinctive perspective and appreciation. She has successfully completed six LA Marathons, demonstrating her dedication, discipline, and commitment to personal goals. Her commitment to professional growth led her to obtain a Master’s degree from USC where she has gained the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her field and contribute to her organization’s success.

Project I am Proud of

Leading the Match Up & Catch Up program has been an immensely rewarding experience for me, as it has allowed me to foster connections among employees across our various offices and teams. The most gratifying aspect of the program has been the positive feedback I have received from participants and how the program has had a significant and positive impact on their professional journeys within the agency. The program has enabled employees to build valuable relationships, establish mentorship opportunities, and expand their professional networks.

Favorite Memory Here

The meaningful interactions and mentorship from colleagues have had a profound and lasting impact on my professional journey. Building relationships with my supportive coworkers and receiving mentorship have provided me with valuable guidance, knowledge, and support. It has played a significant role in my professional development.

Best Piece of Advice I've received

Remember, you have always belonged and deserve to take up space without any apology. Embrace your strengths, skills, and talents, and contribute to the organization with confidence. When you have confidence in your abilities, it not only benefits you but also inspires and motivates others around you.

My Advice for Someone Just Starting Out

While it’s essential to recognize and embrace your talents, it’s equally important to remain open to learning, feedback, and growth opportunities. Continuously strive for self-improvement and seek out ways to expand your skills and knowledge. Remember, you deserve to be in the spaces you occupy, and your contributions matter.


Game Changer