R&CPMK Vice President of Consulting Rob Twiddy shares his insight with AdAge, on how agencies can help brands design successful strategies in esports and gaming to reach core audiences. In addition, Twiddy highlights some of R&CPMK’s high-profile work in the category with clients Mastercard and Cisco.

Here’s what he had to say:

Esports has the most growth potential, but brands shouldn’t rush into the space without a plan, says Rob Twiddy, VP of esports and gaming at marketing agency Rogers & Cowan PMK, which is part of the larger Octagon Sports and Entertainment Network.

“The biggest misconception is that esports will be impactful from day one,” Twiddy says. “By dipping your toe in the water, you’re not going to see the ROI. We always preach what is the 3-to-5-year plan. At that point, you will start to see the impact and the justification of why you entered the space. If you’re looking to be opportunistic and jump in and do something short-term, you’re going to be misled by the results. You need to ingrain yourself in the community.” 

R&CPMK helped construct Mastercard’s first global esports partnership with Riot Games, which is the developer of the most-watched esports game in the world, League of Legends. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2018, the agency says it developed a 360-degree marketing plan each year including digital experiences, broadcast integration, opening ceremony sponsorships, on-site production and execution across the largest events in League of Legends esports such as Mid-Season Invitational, Worlds, and its All-Star event. 

The agency also helped Cisco take its first step into esports by assisting the partnership between the tech company and League of Legends. Through the partnership, Cisco now powers League of Legends’ pro gameplay and its remote broadcasting capabilities.

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