Best Friends: Uber One Memberships

The Challenge

The client, Mother Agency, briefed us to cast and procure an unlikely pair that would exude amazing comedic chemistry. They wanted an impressionable rising star that would meet an award-winning legendary actor that was iconic and so well respected that even a known celebrity would get awkwardly nervous, and star struck in their presence. The aim would be to bring them together for the creative developed promoting Uber One membership and its benefits.


Media Impression in the First Two Weeks


Named Top 2 Advertising Films by Campaign Magazine UK

The solution

We began with the well-known actor first and developed a long list of celebrities we thought would align well with the brand and creative. Then based off the long list we looked at the rising star levels of actors and began pairing talent together we thought would work well and that the comedic chemistry would come across on screen. We went through multiple rounds of casting and talent pair suggestions as we wanted to find the perfect match with acting ability that would make this creative work. Robert DeNiro, despite being best known for his Oscar winning dramatic work, is also a wonderful comedic actor and Asa Butterfield just finished his final season of “Sex Education” and took the role of his young new friend in his first ever commercial work.

The impact

Using a talent such as Robert De Niro, with no social media, proved how even in a digital/social era, using a big-name A-list talent can still garner press attention and spark conversation online. Within the first two week the campaign garnered over 1 billion media impressions. The client was so happy with the success of the campaign they are looking to extend the markets in Europe that the ad is shown in.