Brand Integrations Offer a Better Way to Get in Front of Streaming TV Audiences

Featured in the latest Adweek article, Meilani Weiss, EVP of Brand Integration at R&CPMK shares her insight on how brands can best reach their audiences on streaming platforms and the complex landscape of brand integration.

“Netflix boasts approximately 214 million worldwide users. Most of them are under 45. They have higher household income than an average consumer. And you can’t reach any of them with an ad buy.

Last year, streaming eclipsed broadcast and cable TV in total viewership. This is according to Nielsen’s Gauge report, which found that 26% of all TV viewing is now streaming. The trend is even more prominent among younger viewers. An eMarketer study from 2021 found that the baby boomer generation (55-plus) is the only age demographic that watches more cable than streaming.

According to the same eMarketer study, and average of 72.3% of consumers under 54 spend the most time watching streaming content, and the relative time spent with streaming increases with younger viewers. Meanwhile, rates for traditional TV are only increasing. Traditional TV’s viewership declines have been accompanied by a 6% increase in TV ad spending from 2020 to 2021. What gives?”

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