Brink Selects R&CPMK to Help Enhance Voting Equity & Accessibility Throughout the United States

R&CPMK To Lead Communications for Brink’s 2022 Midterm Election Efforts and Accessibility-Focused Voting App

LOS ANGELES – November 7, 2022 – R&CPMK today announced that it has been selected by Brink, the leading election guide and voter accessibility tool, to guide communications efforts for the brand surrounding the 2022 U.S. midterm and future election efforts, and accessibility–focused voting app.

A non-partisan non-profit seeking to make the democratic process more accessible to people with disabilities, Brink uses innovative technology and design to significantly increase voter turnout by empowering voters with disabilities to participate in local and national elections without difficulty.

R&CPMK will drive all communications work for Brink to help create more awareness and understanding of the election service’s expansive capabilities, technological offerings, and general resources for all different disability types, including all cognitive and physical limitations.
“As the national conversation surrounding voting accessibility continues to take center stage, the ability for all people to have access to vote has never been more important. We are excited to work with R&CPMK to further enhance our connection with the wide voting community and continue to create awareness and accessibility for all people,” said Dylan Bulkely-Krane, Founder, Brink. “R&CPMK is a renowned leader in brand marketing and communications, and we are confident that they are the ideal agency to help us best reach our voting-aged audience throughout the nation and to continue spreading access to essential election information and tools.”

“More than 60 million adults across the U.S. live with a disability each day, and Brink is working to ensure that all people, especially those living with disabilities, have the necessary access and tools to fully participate in the American democratic process,” said Stephen Macias, President of Multicultural Marketing and Communications, R&CPMK. “We are thrilled to work with Brink to expand the awareness of its powerful technology and resources, and to ultimately create more accessibility and equity for voters everywhere.”

Brink boasts an expansive suite of accessibility resources to meet the needs of all disabilities, both cognitive and physical, to make information easier to understand and guarantee a simpler, friendlier way to cast your ballot. The Brink app’s full set of services include: visually friendly color scheme and large text sizes, simple and easy-to-understand language for greater comprehension, specially-designed fonts for improved readability, enhanced button sizes and navigation zones for easier navigation, as well as text-to-speak capability via the VoiceOver and TalkBack services to assist the visually impaired, and more.

To learn more about Brink or access its entire collection of election accessibility tools and resources, download the free app via iPhone or Android now:


Brink is a nonpartisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) seeking to make the democratic process more accessible to people with disabilities using technology, design, and behavioral science.
We’re dedicated to significantly increasing voter turnout among people with disabilities. We launched our voter guide, a fully-accessible iOS and Android mobile app, to help everyone with registering to vote, finding their polling location, understanding identification requirements, and providing tools to handle discriminatory or accessibility issues while voting. The app works offline in all 50 states, in multiple languages, and includes many accessibility features to support a wide variety of needs.
Working with individual voters, dozens of activist organizations and advocacy groups, and political leaders from both sides of the aisle, we’ve ensured that the voter concierge addresses the problems individuals face every election cycle.
With the voting guide, millions of Americans, with and without disabilities, can easily navigate the entire voting process and stay engaged between election cycles with the issues and representatives that matter most to them.


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