Grey Goose For Emily In Paris Season 3

The Challenge

Grey Goose expressed a strong desire to integrate into the upcoming season of Emily in Paris as part of their efforts to become more prominent in the entertainment landscape.


Estimated Impressions


Estimated Media Value

36 Sec.

Length of Exposure

The solution

Collaborating with Netflix and Paramount we developed a Grey Goose integration, in line with brand personality, at Alfie’s new, grand Parisian apartment.

The impact

Brand Verbal mention: Alfie tells Emily while holding a martini glass, “I invited the entire building. Hopefully we don’t run out of booze. I’ve got three kegs of beer, one case of champagne, and tons of bottles of Grey Goose for my special martinis.”

Set Dressing: Grey Goose and Bacardi portfolio featured throughout the party.

Hands on with lead character: Alfie is seen mixing himself a martini, using Grey Goose Le Citron then taking a sip.