How the Middle Fell Out of Hollywood – THR

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Featured in the latest Hollywood Reporter article Mark Owens, CEO of Rogers & Cowan/PMK opens up about the recent agency merger and why the timing is perfect, given where the entertainment industry is heading.

“The entertainment world is similar to the rest of the world. On one hand there’s the need for mass and scale, and then there are smaller, very bespoke agencies that represent a few clients [for whom they] do absolutely everything. The ones in the middle are getting squeezed.” 

“Combining forces offers many benefits, in addition to the obvious cost savings in human resources, accounting, field offices, etc. Among the others are the ability to combine complementary divisions, providing a one-stop shop for clients, and the opportunity to strengthen global offices, especially when day-and-date openings around the world make it imperative to have multiple people in multiple places. “You need boots on the ground.” – Mark Owens