League of Legends Worlds Championship 2023

The Challenge

Create tangible benefits for the league of legends community that will provide true value to the fan base, strong brand presence that is relevant to the local market and perceived highly by the gaming community. Determine a way to integrate and showcase Mastercard’s innovative payment technologies to this engaged audience.




Engagement Rate


Worlds Finals / Opening Ceremony Viewers (most in esports history)

The solution

R&CPMK executed the “Custom Club” in Seoul, South Korea. Fans attending the Fan Fest were able to walk in, write what was priceless to them on a large wall, receive and customize wearable merch, alongside having the chance to have their shoes professionally designed by an on-site, local artist. Alongside the Fan Fest activation, Mastercard was once again the Presenting Sponsor for the Opening Ceremony. A fresh spin was given to the now years-old custom during this ceremony, with the Mastercard logo being used as a massive sun in the backdrop during the performance. In addition, Mastercard incorporated their signature Tap on Phone payment technology into official Riot Games merch stores to ease the transaction process for cardholders. These same fans were also able to utilize the Fast Pass Lane, skipping the usual long lines and significantly easing their fan fest experience. Fans purchasing items from the Riot Merchandise stores were given Mastercard x Riot Games co-branded tote bags to hold their items in.

The impact

Mastercard’s association with the largest, most prestigious esports tournament’s Opening Ceremony continues to trend positively. This direct Integration of Mastercard into the Opening Ceremony live artwork was seen by 6.4 million viewers, which is recorded as the most watched esports tournament of all time (a +68% YOY growth). While the priceless wall was a familiar favorite for League of Legends fans, the Custom Club offered an entirely fresh experience, drawing excitement from thousands attending the League of Legends Worlds 2023 event. The Custom Club campaign established a new standard for Mastercard’s esports and gaming activations. It was such a resounding success that, like the priceless wall, it has become something to be expected from the brand. The gaming market that Mastercard is attempting to grow their influence in is one that appreciates concepts like this highly; unique, personalized merchandise they can show off that has some sort of relevance to their preferred game of choice. This positive reaction can be seen directly through our X stats, where the @MastercardGG account posted many images of fans customizing their merchandise. As this activation continues through future Riot League of Legends and Valorant events, Mastercard’s brand perception will only continue to grow in the positive direction.