Love, Peace & Spades Game Night

The Challenge

The client, McDonalds Operators Association of Southern California, asked us to partner with community-driven organization Love Peace & Spades to host an unforgettable Black Family Game Night In the parking lot of one of their signature locations – In celebration of Black History Month.




Press Hits


Talent Secured

The solution

We orchestrated a remarkable transformation of the parking lot, converting it into a vibrant community hub where people gathered to revel in their favorite games, notably centered around the captivating allure of Spades. Our strategy involved crafting an inviting atmosphere that resonated with attendees, optimizing every inch of the limited space available, and seamlessly collaborating with the Love Peace and Spades team. The client was wowed by our innovative approach, the aesthetic appeal of our setup, and the seamless execution of the event, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

The impact

The campaign achieved significant milestones, highlighted by the infectious energy and presence of our emcee, Influencer Angel Moore, who captivated the audience with her charm and wit. Notably, owner/operators Corwin Johnson and Nate Carter actively engaged attendees, offering dominoes lessons and enhancing the overall experience. Lastly, the presence of Senator Bradford was a key contributor to the campaign’s success, where he was able to share a few words emphasizing the importance of community gatherings and fostering safe spaces within the community.