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New Podcast to Deliver Unique Trends and Insights, as well as Engaging Interviews with Cultural Creators and Leaders

R&CPMK is excited to introduce the newest extension of its popular monthly digital series, “Culture Soup,” with the addition of the “Culture Soup Podcast.”

The new video-podcast series delivers a fresh audio installment of unique insights from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, music, and more, and is available on YouTube or wherever you find your podcasts.

Hosted by R&CPMK’s Senior Director, Multicultural Marketing and Communications, Marissa Wallace, the “Culture Soup Podcast” also welcomes cultural trailblazers, creative visionaries, and brand leaders into the studio each month for an in-depth conversation into some of the biggest cultural moments and trends in the world today.

This month’s debut edition of the “Culture Soup Podcast” highlights prominent data about the growth in Black buying power within the U.S. economy, and how luxury brands are creating meaningful partnerships to engage multicultural consumers. In addition, the podcast features a dynamic discussion with Grayscale Creative Director, BJ Gray, on his own personal growth story and the influence and importance of the Black consumer within the luxury market.

“The culture doesn’t move without us. We have control of the direction that these [luxury fashion] houses are going to start going. You see that by the creative directors changing,” said Gray. “You’re seeing Jayden Smith as creative director now. You’re seeing Virgil as creative director. Even Kanye dealing with GAP now. What that means is that they [luxury fashion house] want to keep their fingers to the pulse and be close enough and be able to deal with the influencers that we have.”

Check out the first episode of the “Culture Soup Podcast” now: The Rise of the Black Luxury Market + A Conversation with BJ Gray, Creative Director of Grayscale.”

R&PCMK’s “Culture Soup Podcast” is the latest programming extension from R&CPMK’s Multicultural marketing division, joining the “Culture Soup” digital edition and “Culture Soup Spotify Playlist,” which collectively continue the division’s ongoing efforts to influence the conversation and brand decisions across the marketing, communications, and entertainment industries.

Listen to the Culture Soup Podcast now via Spotify or Anchor FM.

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