The Influence Download September 2022 by ITB

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Every month the team at ITB will be sharing trends and insights from the influencer marketing space that you should be keeping an eye on.  

Here is a quick recap of the trends you need to know about this month:

  • Celebrity is not dead
  • Celebrities are clutter breakers
  • Celebrity as ambassadors
  • The rise of the new celebrity
  • And so much more!


As the influencer marketing landscape continues to grow and evolve at an exponential rate, ITB Worldwide brings you ‘The Influence Download’, a monthly round-up of the top trends and insights you need to know in this space. From the latest social content trends, viral memes and TikTok challenges, to platform updates, new technologies and emerging creator tribes, ITB will keep you covered and up to date on all things talent and influence. Want to also know which influencer campaigns or creators to make note of? Stay tuned once a month for all these updates and more.

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