The Power of Influence Quarterly Review Volume 2

Each quarter, we aim to bring you a detailed look at what is shifting in content and culture, how these shifts impact your business, and how the power of influencers can be harnessed to make impact online and IRL.

In this edition, we explore:

  • Why people gravitate towards unexpected content creators who provide stability, reliability, and comfort
  • The tension between wellness and wealth
  • What the explosive popularity of #DupeCulture signals about consumption and perceived status in society
  • And the niche but growing prioritisation of hydration across influencer content and the beauty & wellness industries.

The common thread is that people desire to both feel well and look good (a tale as old as time) but are seeking novel ways to achieve these goals in ways that are inspired by niche communities on social media.

If you would like to explore how R&CPMK, the original entertainment and culture agency, can put your brand at the centre of culture, please get in touch.

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