Why Big Brands Want to Partner with Artists


Advertising and marketing are both industries that have long relied upon storytelling—and in today’s digital world, that has never been more important or true. With that in mind, big brands, in particular, are constantly looking for ways to remain relevant and top-of-mind with consumers.  And one of the best ways to do this is through a partnership with a leading-edge artist, band, or festival/concert series. 

In the past few years, there has been a drastic evolution in the relationships that have been borne between brands and artists.  There are so many opportunities for artists to collaborate with a brand that values the power of music—and in turn, more brands have begun to understand why it’s important to take creative risks as they seek to build something unique, imaginative, and authentic when connecting with a targeted audience. 

Brand Partnership is No Longer a Dirty Word

Several years back, there was a feeling in the music industry that the moment a brand partnership was established was the same moment that the artist or band “sold out.”

Not so true anymore. Consumers—the fans—have finally come around to the idea that there are not unlimited budgets funding record labels, and if this money dries up, then that artist or band is not going to be producing new music, going on tour, etc. 

Brands, ultimately, fill this void.   Unlike many music labels, big brands still have the cash on hand to do some pretty large-scale marketing—and some even have that money earmarked for programs that are distinctly music related. In turn, brands have realized that they not only can get increased exposure as well as some ROI when partnering with an artist, but they can also help an artist create new content and share it with the world. 

Think about the following points:

  • Brands want to partner with artists to create emotion and passion around their product or service.  Younger audiences do not respond to traditional marketing the same way as older generations do. However, music is a platform that can serve as the foundation for a powerful connection.
  • Brands look to artists to give them a “cool factor.”  They want to partner with someone who can raise their profile, allow them to go beyond being known as a big corporation alone, and place them in savvy and pertinent spaces.  Brands want to ensure that consumers know they are aware of what’s fresh and new. 
  • Brands realize that consumer loyalty and attention comes in a much shorter supply these days. They must deliver experiences that turn a potential customer into a lifelong fan. 
  • Brands know they can grow their reputation when there is an authentic partnership formed with an artist. Again, brands are looking for alignment. They must get on board with an artist where there is synchronization between vision, values, and messaging. 

Brand partnerships, when done well, can be lucrative and value-added. But they must be between the right brand and the right artist. There is a definite strategy needed here for this to be realized.  Rogers & Cowan has extensive experience building relationships between brands like Heineken and music festivals that include Coachella. Furthermore, we are skilled in bringing brands and artists together and formulating long-term plans that are mutually beneficial.  Contact us today to learn more about our abilities in forming rewarding brand partnerships.