Brand Integration in Christmas in Evergreen

The Challenge

In early 2020 during the pandemic, Nestle Toll House reached out expressing the desire to find a way to immerse themselves within pop culture to help reach a wide nationwide audience ordered to stay at home during the 2020 holiday season. Their hope was to encourage their Nestle toll house SKUs, specifically their morsels (chocolate chips) as a new holiday baking tradition for families over this holiday.


In Film Exposure Per Airing. Premiere + 3x Encores


Media Impressions


Digital/Social Impressions

The solution

A partnership with Hallmark’s tentpole film Christmas In Evergreen, the Network’s Franchise staple for spreading Holiday cheer to holiday audiences. Integration in the film showcases hero placement with primary characters baking with Toll House Chocolate Morsels to drive home festive, cookie-baking fun. In addition to the hero scene, Nestle Toll House products appear in two additional scenes, creating a steady drumbeat of exposure throughout the movie.  We also acquired digital/social rights to use film assets – integration clip, movie promo, and movie key art – to promote the partnership on Nestle owned channels.   • Clear shot of Toll House packaging, hands-on interaction with main characters • Placement with holiday tree cookies and eaten by secondary characters • Placement with chocolate morsels during a gingerbread house making scene • Digital/Social usage rights to amplify across Nestle owned platforms

The impact

The strategic integration of Nestle Toll House in Hallmark’s “Christmas in Evergreen” amplified the brand’s visibility during the holiday season, effectively positioning it as part of a new family baking tradition. By featuring Toll House products prominently in scenes of festive baking and family gatherings, the campaign not only captured the essence of holiday cheer but also leveraged substantial media and digital impressions, resonating powerfully with a nationwide audience confined at home.