Secret Headquarters

The Challenge

Continuing our relationship with Nestle, our client manager from Weber engaged their DiGiorno client when we came across a new brand integration opportunity that we thought would be perfect for DiGiorno. Timing was much more immediate, discussing June ’21, for upcoming production work before August ’22 release.


Total Value





The solution

We actively reached out to the prospective brand through the IPG network of relationships, we did collaborate to ensure we integrated their most desirable SKU for the timely release window, Nestle DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza.

The impact

While we were the exclusive pizza partner of the film, it wasn’t just one scene we were able to integrate the brand and its product into. We negotiated several scenes throughout the film that helped establish the brand organically with characters as more of a character/staple of the apartment in itself. Achieving product insert shots, hands on consumption with main characters played by Owen Wilson and Walker Scobell, box/product set dressing in later scenes to establish recurring exposure and a verbal mention by the character played by Michael Pena.