Kierra Holroyd

Vice President


Multicultural Marketing and Communications

Kierra has more than a decade of experience in the diversity, equity and inclusion space –serving as a subject matter expert to increase access, equity and visibility for communities of color, the disabled community and the LGBTQ+ community. Over the course of her career, Kierra has enabled brands like Silk, SoDeliciousa and International Delight define their messaging to authentically connect with an increasingly diverse consumer. Kierra brings a unique lens to marketing campaigns and partnerships to craft a truly integrated approach. Her experience ranges across a variety of industries from technology to CPG to sports and entertainment. Kierra is also a Master Gardener for the state of CT and enjoys spending her free time gardening and being with her (growing) family.

Project I am Proud of

It’s been really great working across a variety of account teams. My favorite project so far has got to be working on the launch of Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes. We were able to launch an underrepresented character in children’s programming – a Black girl protagonist in the superhero genre – in a fun and splashy way.

Favorite Memory Here

My favorite memory has been coming back to work for the agency. I’m a boomerang, having worked across the OSEN group of agencies. Coming back after working for a big brand was like coming home and everyone was so welcoming!

Best Piece of Advice I've received

The best advice I’ve received is to not worry myself into a milestone or a “next step”. If things are working out to just let them, you don’t always have to be pushing toward the next thing. You can enjoy the moment.

My Advice for Someone Just Starting Out

Be a sponge and don’t close any doors. You don’t have to commit to doing or being one thing. Sometimes the best opportunities come from keeping your options open and seizing what comes your way.