Vattenfall x Cara Delevingne

The Challenge

The Vattenfall client brought us onboard in 2021 to help activate their first celebrity driven campaign. After securing SteffLon Don for the launch campaign wearing fossil free steel grillz, the client alongside creative agency DDB Stockholm were looking for a press-worthy talent to show the potential of fossil free hydrogen and inspire others to join in the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The solution

Nord DDBcame up with the idea of a pastiche on a luxury beauty campaign by creating an”Industrial Emissions Face Mist” similar to luxury face mist products you can buy, but made of real waste water from the steel making process taking place at the Vattenfall HYBRIT pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden. The mist would promote fossil free hydrogen, a fuel that emits water instead of carbon dioxide by showcasing that industrial emissions can be clean. Cara, known for being a beauty and fashion ambassador for global brands was the prefect brand partner to activate with as a climate advocate in her community, especially with her ability to highlight positive sustainable change. Pairing beauty with a true cause around the climate, aligned with Vattenfall’s mission to be make fossil-free living possible within one generation, made this campaign for an energy company stand out and reach a wider audience.

The impact

The campaign was published in highly sought after titles such as Vogue Scandinavia, Harper’s Bazaar and the The Wall Street Journal amongst many other publications discussing the partnership.

R&CPMK has had a small hand in helping Vattenfall reach their goal of fossil free living within one generation and has contributed to the continued commitment to helping remove fossil fuels and cutting carbon emissions from all parts of society with an impactful campaign.

Launched around a highly anticipated point in Cara Delevingne’s career, following her well respected Vogue article and off the back of the 2023 Met Gala: Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, all focus was on Cara!