Wear That Feeling with Pete Davidson

The Challenge

To build confidence in its male consumer, changing the way they feel about clothes and their own individual style, H&M Men wanted to secure a confident lead male to be the face of its ‘Wear the Feeling’ Spring/Summer 2022 campaign. H&M used the services of R&CPMK to cast and procure this lead talent from the celebrity world of entertainment and culture.


Most Googled Person of 2021


Media Mentions



The solution

Creative agency B-Reel was enlisted to bring the ‘Wear the Feeling’ campaign to life through comedic yet stylistic creatives, in two ads that were to run across TV, social, online and digital out-of-home (DOOH). R&CPMK used this fun and confident narrative to engage with 2021’s second most Googled person, in former SNL comedian and actor, Pete Davidson.

This work is rooted in two simple insights – firstly, that men relate to how clothes make them feel, and secondly, that the majority of men do not relate to ‘fashion’ and instead gain inspiration from the movies, music videos and comedy they watch rather than from magazines or runway shows.

The impact

For H&M, Pete was the celebrity R&CPMK felt could represent ‘the everyman’, appealing to its existing target audience while also piquing interest from new consumers.

Pete was shot in two differing styles in the two ads: ‘The Dentist’ & ‘The Encounter.’ Both short films went viral with funny man, Pete Davidson and the newly launched campaign being mentioned in top tier press nationwide.