World Eat For Good Day 2023 #KnorrDareToTry

The Challenge

To raise awareness of Knorr’s purpose amongst the Gen Z audience – “change the world by changing what’s on our plate” – and get them talking about a stock cube with passion, showcasing that anything can be delicious when it’s made with Knorr.


Social Impressions


Views of Branded Filter on TikTok


Press Hits

The solution

We partnered with 43 TikTok creators, with a cumulative following of nearly 40 million, across eight markets, working with 11 different clients at Knorr, to develop 99+ pieces of content.

11 hero talent were invited to take part in the ‘Dare to Try’ gamified experience, which was based on two actions: Truth – allowing talent to see the full reality of their consumption habits; and Dare – a dare to eat better for the earth, to be adventurous and try planet-friendly dishes like Grasshopper Tacos or Mealworm Loaded Nachos.

Each creator self-captured the on-the-ground experience bringing their own style and tone-of-voice to create authentic, thumb-stopping branded content videos that resonated with their Gen Z audiences, while conveying key Knorr messages – told in their own distinctive style.

The impact

The campaign created a global movement to inspire a Gen Z audience, sparking discussion around whether people would or wouldn’t eat bugs. This drove great conversation across social media, but at the core was helping the audience to think differently about what they put on their plates.