As a kid, you may have dreamed that one day you’d be invited to stroll down the red carpet at the Academy Awards—but the simple reality is, very few people ever have the opportunity to enter this rarified space.

That’s why ITB, a division of Rogers & Cowan,  recently wrote a piece for PR Week sharing some of our experiences at this year’s ceremony. As a leading entertainment, partnerships, and talent agency, ITB certainly had a big role to play! We had a great time, and we invite you to take a look at t a little bit of the experience in this behind-the-scenes diary.

In our new Oscars red carpet journal, you’ll get to find out:

  • What role VIP showrooms play in the ceremony, specifically with stylists.
  • The purpose of “red carpet showrooms.”
    (Note: They’re mostly to provide air traffic control for all the pretty dresses!)
  • What it’s like to work with a style team to get ready for the big show!
  • What’s required to get a piece of jewelry or clothing placed in the ceremony.
  • The sheer number of last-minute jewelry and accessory requests that come in.
  • What it’s REALLY like when the red carpet madness begins!

Again, it was a fun experience, and though it all went by in a blur, we were able to remember enough specific details to fill our journal with valuable insights.

If it sounds interesting to you, we invite you to give it a read. The journal is available now at PR Week. Thanks to everyone who worked with us to make this year’s red carpet events so smooth and so special. Looking forward to doing it all over again for next year’s Academy Awards!